Kyle Of Mistylaw
Sire: Ob Ch Makkovik Karikter CDX 
Dam: Speyside Challis
Whelped: 18 August 1991
Hips 5:4 Elbows 1a:1b Clear Eye Certificate


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Sadly missed by all at Mistymoor - Chaya was our first golden, only dog I knew that could fit 4 balls in his mouth and a frizbee under each foot! His love of the water was incredible and he would often fish for rocks holding his breath for what always seemed longer than you could imagine him being able to. Many a time people came up to me to say he was drowning but I always said just wait, and sure enough he would surface with a huge rock. Chaya was a true Golden spirit, may he be at peace and pain free.

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Ob Ch Makkovik Karikter CDX     




Speyside Challis

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