Makkovik Khelsie - Khelsie
Sire: Ob Gr Ch & Ch Speyside Chauvinist CDX 
Dam: Little Honda Of Talavera
Whelped: 15 October 1995
Hips 4:3, Elbows B:B, Current Clear Eye Certificate


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Khelsie passed away on May 3 2012,

It is with a very sad heart that I said goodbye to my beloved Khelsie (Makkovik Khelsie) today - just 12 days short of her 16 and 3/4 birthday. I was so lucky to be able to spend so many years with her and I know I should be grateful, however she was my foundation bitch and the last link to my old dogs and my heart just breaks at the thought that she is no longer with us. She will now be reunited with her soulmate, Chaya and her son's Comet (who we owned), Bradley and Benson.

For those of you who didnt know her, she was a character right from when we picked her up, she would wake faithfully at 5am to be let out and then was happy to go back to bed until you were ready to get up at a more respectible hour. She had personality plus, and although she hated the show ring (she broke numerous leads including a snake chain) she was a champion in our hearts. She produced 3 litters of lovely puppies, the first to her soulmate Chaya, the 2nd to Ch Arctique Te Horo Prince, who gave us Angel who inhertited her mother's hatred of the showring but who is behind a lot of our top winning dogs today and her 3rd litter to NZ Ch Santamaria The Patriot (Imp Aust) - this produced her first Champion - Riley (Ch Mistymoor The Initiative).

At 8 years of age she was run over, by a drunk driver (at 5pm on a Friday!) she was incredibly lucky as she was only 2 days post spay surgery, she had tyre marks through her middle and hindquarters but no internal damage and the only injury was a broken pastern. Once in a cast she then used it as a weapon and you would get bashed with it if she thought you weren't displaying the right amount of sympathy.

She was a total leader, she ran the pack with an iron paw and no one stepped out of line when she spoke. And even in her latter years when she gave up leadership to one of the other bitches, she will still let everyone know she was still in charge if she needed to.

She went in the Central Golden Retriever Club's Veteran Parade in February this year and although I was prepared to do a slow walk with her she did a jog - she was the oldest dog there by a number of years.

She will be forever in our hearts, run free at the Bridge Khelsie and I am sure you are up there bossing everyone around.

Pedigree of "Makkovik Khelsie - Khelsie"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Ob Gr Ch & Ch Speyside Chauvinist CDX     


Gr Ch Graveleigh Soaring High C.DX, Q.C

 Gaylon Celtic Prince (Imp U.K)
W.T.Ch & Ch Thyme of Graveleigh C.D.X, U.D.X, W.D.X, T.D
Ch Speyside Sun 'n Shade Gr Ch Amberline Fidele
Ob Ch Leacroft Golden Isla C.D.X


Little Honda Of Talavera

Gadwall of Mornbury Korngold Lord Falstaff
Pikowai Fame
Waggamiro Candy Floss Nortonwood Kracker (Imp U.K)
Summertime Soda Frolic

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