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Ash, Jan and Dave

Chaya (Kyle of Mistylaw) was my first Golden and what a challenge he was! A great first dog who did everything and taught me so much about the breed and dogs in general. If it could go wrong for Chaya it would. Like his Daddy Kovik, Chaya's love of water came before all else and he would frequently leave our lovely bush covered walks to hunt out some form of water. Once he even went over a 40ft cliff to get to it and then barked indignantly when we weren't there to throw his stick, unfortunately he had ripped out one of his claws on the way down. A fact that we didn't discover until he came out of the water an hour later resulting in a very quick trip to the vet.

When I met Dave and Ash in 1993 we looked to add to our family and we were fortunate to be put in touch with Mrs Eileen Curry of Makkovik kennels. In 1995 we got Makkovik Khelsie - encouraged by Eileen we showed Khelsie occasionally at speciality Championship shows where she managed to get placed in her classes despite the inept handler. After Chaya and Khelsie produced Comet, my dear friend Liz Steed from Arctique Kennels (see links page for her website) encouraged me to show him more seriously and I was bitten by the bug! Comet and I dabbled in obedience which he excelled at but time constraints meant that we had to commit to just one discipline for the time being and we chose showing.

Comet was followed by Logan and Angel then we were extremely lucky to meet Dianne Lee of Santamaria Kennels in Melbourne, Australia, who sent us Jordan, deciding that 6 dogs in the city was too many we made the move to Te Horo and have not looked back. Set on 2 1/2 acres our property boasts a huge backyard and a dog exercise paddock, where our dogs love to play ball. We are also often seen walking up and down the street with our various brood. In the neighbourhood we are known as the people with all those Golden Retrievers! and even though we have not met many of our neighbours we are well known throughout the neighbourhood and often have people stop to talk to us when we are out with the dogs.

Our dogs are pet's first and show dogs second. They are all a vital part of our household and they spend most of the day lounging in the house or back yard. We are fortunate that there is almost always someone home with our dogs so they enjoy the benefit of lots of human company.

We are a small kennel who breeds occassionally - we strive to breed healthy, well socialised pups that will fit into any household and be able to compete in any discipline. Beauty and Brains!


Email: Jan Cook
Otaki  5581
New Zealand

New Zealand

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